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Hunter College Social Sciences Computing Lab Rules and Regulations

  • College computing systems are to be used for educational, College- related purposes. Commercial use of Hunter College computer systems is prohibited.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Social Sciences Computing lab.* The ONLY exception to this rule are Lab Instructors since they have to lecture.
  • Appropriate use of cell phones (pagers, and similar electronic devices) as well as any other noise, such as conversations, should be governed by common sense and courtesy to others using the lab to study
  • Do not save your work on the hard disk or on the desktop in the lab, as these are periodically erased. Files on the desktop are deleted frequently. Files saved in My Documents are purged infrequently but we make NO guarantee that files in My Documents will not be changed or deleted by other users.
  • Installing software on the server or desktop computers is not permitted.
  • Viewing of sexually harassing or obscene material, text, or images is not allowed.
  • Software copying or distribution is illegal and is not permitted. This deprives professionals in the computer field of their livelihood and increases the cost of software for everyone.
  • Shared systems such as those connected to the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW) provide special services and require special responsibilities. You are responsible for the safeguarding of your computer account on any such system. If you have an account that requires a password, you should change your password frequently and should not disclose it to anyone.
  • You may not share your account with any other users and you are responsible for any activity which is associated with your account.
  • You may not use such systems to transmit abusive,anonymous, unsolicited, obscene or fraudulent messages.
  • The College and University reserve the right to monitor and restrict access to these systems to protect individual users, both inside the University and on the Internet/WWW generally.
  • Computer viruses are a concern to everyone. You will be asked to leave the facility if you propagate viruses. If the machine you are working on indicates there is a computer virus, alert the lab staff immediately. Computer games often propagate viruses.
  • Repeated offenses to this policy will result in loss of access to the SSC lab and further disciplinary procedures, up to and including suspension from the College.

This page was last updated on 2/29/2016

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