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Where else at Hunter can I use Stata/IC?

Public Computing Services (PCS) on the 10th Floor of Hunter North ( all PC (not Mac)) labs have Stata/IC Version 15.x. 
The SSC Lab also uses Stata/IC Version 15.x.

How do I reset the default view in Stata?

In the command window, type:
window manage prefs default
and then execute the command.

How can I purchase Stata?

Stata is available at reduced rates for Hunter College students, faculty and staff. For information on buying Stata for home use, see the information posted here.

Which version (as opposed to version number) of Stata 15.x is available at Hunter?

There are four versions of Stata Version No. 15.x:
Stata/MP for multiprocessor computers (including dual-core and multicore processors)
Stata/SE for large databases
Stata/IC which is the standard version (IC=InterCooled)
Small Stata which is a smaller, student version of educational purchase only

Hunter currently licenses Stata/IC Version 15.x in labs where it is available.

For more information on Stata Versions, see this link on "Which Stata is Right for me?"

How can I change (increase or decrease) the memory set in Stata?

If you get a message from Stata saying:
op. sys. refuses to provide memory
You will need to allocate more memory to the Stata application.
By default, the amount of memory allocated to Stata/IC is 10 Megabytes(MB). You can check on this with the following comand at the Stata prompt:

In Stata/IC you can change the amount of memory Stata has allocated using the following comand: set memory #
Where # is the amount of memory you want Stata to allocate, for instance # = 250m
where m stands for megabyte

Example comands:
set memory 250m
set memory 1300m

On SSCL computers which run Windows XP, a 32 bit operating system, there is a software limit to how high you can set the memory. You will not be able to allocate more than 1.39 Gigabytes (GB) to Stata (i.e. set memory 1395m). This constraint is due to the nature of a 32 bit operating system - it applies to Windows as well as Linux.

You can use more memory with 64-bit Operating System (but no Lab at Hunter College currently offers Stata on a 64-bit OS) by doing the following:

1. Add more physical RAM - 4, 8, 16 GB - whatever you can, AND,
2. Run a 64 bit version of Stata in a 64 bit operating system.

closing Stata resets Stata to the default setting of 10mb.


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