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Using Malwarebytes


  1. Log in as an administrator. RIGHT-click Symantec AntiVirus, then LEFT-click to choose Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection.

  2. Open Malwarebytes. Click the tab Update, then click Check for Updates.

  3. If Malwarebytes does not start updating, check Update mirror, click the downward arrow, then choose

  4. Click the tab Scanner. Then click Scan.

  5. Be patient, the scan process will take a few minutes. After the scan finishes, click OK, then click Show Results.

  6. In the Scan results, UNCHECK two files - C:\WINDOWS\system32\serauth1.dll, and C:\WINDOWS/system32\serauth2.dll<p>
    Then click Remove Selected.

  7. Exit Malwayrebytes.

  8. RIGHT-click Symantec AntiVirus, then LEFT-click to choose Enable Symantec Endpoint Protection.

This page was last updated on December 9, 2008

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