CD Burning Instructions with Windows XP Operating System


Open Windows Explorer, by clicking on the Yellow Folder on the QuickLaunch Bar.





With Windows Explorer Open (See Below)



Then Insert a Blank CD into the CD Tray.  A new Window will open.



If this screen pops up



Select “Open Writable CD folder using Windows Explorer” (It should be highlighted in blue.) Click on “OK”




Then the following Window opens.



With both the Windows Explorer window and the “CD Drive (E:)” window visible, Click and Drag the files you wish to copy from Windows Explorer to the “CD Drive (E:)” window.





Once that is done, click on the command “Write these files to CD” on the left hand side of the “CD Drive (E:)” window, as below.








  “Welcome to the CD writing Wizard” window will pop up






Choose CD name and click Next


Wait until the CD will complete


The CD with automatically eject from the CD tray when it is done





“Completing the CD Writing Wizard” window will pop up





 Finalize your CD by clicking Finish or write the same file(s) on another CD