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How to update your web pages using Netscape Composer and SSH Client (page 1)

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Once firewall rules are implemented prohibiting off-campus access to Hunter College servers via ftp, then the "Publish" feature of Netscape Composer will no longer work.

The following describes how you can update your web pages in spite of this restriction. We assume here that you use a PC with some version of Microsoft Windows and that you already know how to get around in Windows and how to open and edit a web page using Netscape Composer.


Getting SSH
Setting up and using Netscape Composer to edit and save your page
Using SSH Client to upload your page


Getting SSH

In addition to Netscape Composer, you will now need the Secure Shell (SSH) Client software. This is available at:

File Download - Security Warning window will open asking "Do you want to Run or Save this file?", click Save. Note the folder into which you direct the installation file to be downloaded (e.g. the Desktop?). Run SSH by finding the downloaded installation file and double-clicking it.

If you have trouble reaching or downloading from this site, try one of SSH's "mirror sites," listed at:

Clicking on a link to a mirror site will bring you to the same sort of directory listing described above, and the download procedure will be the same.


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