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How to update your web pages using UltraEdit
Text/Hex Editor


Campus firewalls limit off-campus access to Hunter College servers via Netscape Composer and FTP, so one method of tunneling through the firewall is to use UltraEdit.

The following describes how you can update your web pages using UltraEdit. We assume here that you use a PC with some version of Microsoft Windows and that you already know how to get around in Windows.

The latest version of UltraEdit is 10a. It is an extremely useful text/hex editor that now supports SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) so that you once again can open any file
residing on a Hunter server (provided you have an account on this server,
of course) directly in the editor, modify the file, and send it back up to
the server just by clicking one (save) button.
You can download a fully functional evaluation copy for free and test it
for 45 days from .
If it meets your needs, a new registration costs $35; if you have a
registered older version, the upgrade is only $17.50.

Note that UltraEdit does not require the installation of SSH on your home computer.

(Our thanks to Devra Golbe and Manfred Kuechler for alerting us to this option.)


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