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How to upload or update your webpage using the command-based Windows FTP program

Make sure that your FTP program "Start in " directory is where the files to upload are located.

Start your FTP program and type:

    open   (hit enter)

You will be prompted for your login/user name.  Type:

    <your user name>    (hit enter)

At this point you will be prompted for your password.  Type:

    <your password>    (hit enter)    [will not show on screen]

At the ftp prompt, type:

    cd public_html    (hit enter)

This will get you to your public_html subdirectory.

Uploading text files (.html, .htm, .txt)


    put <filename>    (hit enter) [<filename> is full name of file, including extension (e.g. myfile.html)]

It is important to note that your home page should be named index.html.
Your other pages in your directory could be any name with the extension of .html or .htm

Uploading non-text files (.gif, .jpeg, or other files)

Before "putting," type:

    binary (hit enter)

Then follow the above steps for uploading text files, using the appropriate extensions.

Once you are done, type:

    quit (hit enter)

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