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Staff Work Rules and Regulations

As students you are trusted to learn the basic rules of professional conduct, and you are disserving yourself as well as others if you do not do so.  The Social Sciences Computing Lab follows the same rules as most other workplaces.  The following are standard work rules which you are required to follow:

- Punctuality is expected, it is not optional. Staff are expected to show up on time for their shifts.
Because the College only pays in quarter hour intervals (15 minutes), if you are late for your shift, your time will be decremented to the next quarter hour increment. 

- You may appeal this decision to your supervisor if you have cause AND a good attendance record. Staff who are chronically late have no grounds for appeal.

- Staff can sign in early for a shift, but extra time outside your scheduled shift is unpaid.

- Staff are not allowed to stay after their shift ends to make up hours they missed because they were late.

- Staff are required to give at least 24 hours advance written notice (email to if they are going to miss a shift.

- Any unexcused absences will be noted and will be taken into account in future scheduling decisions.

- It is not the Lab's responsibility to make up your hours if you miss an assigned shift. If you are concerned about losing hours, you are encouraged to trade shifts with another staff person.

- Staff are expected to cooperate with their colleagues in managing the Lab. We have received complaints about a number of individuals who do not help manage shift changes and leave all the work to other staff. Work reviews will be given to those who do not freely participate in the work of the lab.

- Traditionally, the SSC Lab has been a friendly and cooperative work environment, with your support we fully expect that it will remain so in the future. Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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