Hunter College City University of New York                                                                                            
Social Sciences Computing Lab, HE B119, (212) 772-5605
Work-study Position: Lab Assistant

Time and Leave Policy: Lateness and Absence
All Work-study Lab Assistants are expected to abide by the rules of Hunter College and The Social Sciences Computing Lab (SSCL). These rules, regarding absence and lateness, apply to everyone working at the SSCL. No exceptions will be made for specific individuals, unless it is of health concern or some kind of emergency, and we are notified in advance.
The Lateness and Absence policy is as follows:


Priority for scheduling, and extra hours, will be given to students that regularly follow these rules. We hold the right to deny hours for those students who abuse these policies. All students’ award money will be taken into account and their hours will be distributed accordingly at the start of each semester. We are not responsible for the money you have left over in your work study award if you were denied hours for negligence.

Thank you,
Social Sciences Computing Lab Staff

I have read, and understand, the Time and Leave Policy of the SSCL, and agree to them. I understand that if I do not follow the given conditions, the SSCL reserves the right to deny, or take away, my preferred hours.
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Printed Name: _______________________________________ (This area must be legible; otherwise, you must scan this paper AFTER you sign it and type your name in this space.  Scanners are located on the B2 and 4th floors of the library).


Last Updated: 08/10/16