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Student printing:

Click here for a sheet designed to help students to understand printing procedures in the lab.

Hotmail Download Problem:

Attachments to Hotmail email messages often fail to download when using Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla Firefox or forward the message to an alternative account.

USB Flash Drive (UFD) Problems:

(aka UFD, Thumb(nail) Drive, Disgo, Key(chain) Drive, Memory Flash, Nerd Necklace, Pocket Drive, et cetera)
When using USB Flash Drives in the Social Sciences Lab (and elsewhere), students are likely to encounter two classes of problems, one is hardware-related, and the other is software-related.


PROBLEM: Some flash drives have physical issues (either fairly short "barrels" or bulbous tops) that prevent them from connecting properly via the sharply-angled connection on the front of the Dell computers in the SSC Lab.

SOLUTION: The solution to this problem is simply to put the UFD into the USB port on the back of the computer.


PROBLEM: On the software side, the primary problem encountered seems to be with Sandisk** Flash drives that use the "U3 smart drive" system. As a work-around to the lack of Auto-Play for Flash drives, the U3 software must create two drive letters. (The first drive letter U3 drives create is a mock CD drive mapped to Drive E:\ from which it attempts to implement Auto-play. The second Drive Letter created is Drive F:\ which contains the user's actual data.) In the lab this causes an immediate problem as there is only one drive letter free (Drive E:\) before the first network drive mapping (F:\). So when you put a U3 drive in, it grabs the drive letter E:\ for a dummy Auto-play drive, but then can't create the data drive on F:\ since there is a pre-existing network drive already mapped to Drive F:\.

SOLUTION: The short-term work-around in the lab is to disconnect drive F: BEFORE inserting the Flash Drive into the USB port. Open Windows Explorer: highlight the F:\ drive and Right-Click, one of the options in the pop-up menu will be "Disconnect."; Left-Click on "Disconnect."

**For more info on U3 see:

ExamView Test Player for Eco 100 and Eco 345:

1. Open the ExamView Test Player for Eco 100 or Eco 345
2. In the NAME field, enter your first name, then your last name. In the ID field, enter the last four digits of your student ID. Click Next
3. Select an assignment, then click Next
4. Enter the common password for the course (smith), then click Next
5. Click Start

IMPORTANT: Once you have started the quiz, you must complete it. If you exit the quiz once you have started it, you will be unable to access again or change your answers.

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