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What You Should Know as a Lab Assistant in the Social Sciences Computing Lab:

What does SSCL stand for?

  • Social Sciences Computing Lab

What software do we have in the lab?

  • IBM (name of the company that makes the program SPSS), SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

-Stata and SPSS

Where else can Stata and SPSS be found besides our lab?

  • The ICIT Lab on the 10th floor of Hunter North (Stata and SPSS)
  • All computers at Hunter, including the ones on B1 (SPSS)


Lab Assistant FAQ's:


How do I clock in/out?

  • Align the timesheet with the red arrow and insert it fully until the time and date is printed

What should I do when I cannot make it in for a shift?

  • Send an e-mail to
  • All requests for time off must be done 24 hours in advance at the minimum. Emergencies are the exception, and documentation may be asked for.

How do I check my schedule?

How do I access  NextGen and enter the hours I worked?

What if I mess up my timesheet?

Where is the lost and found?

  • In the 1st drawer of the file cabinet next to the printer in the office.
  • If you find something in the lab, stick a post-it on the item with the following information:
    • Time and Date (plus Class and Instructor's name if found during class hours).
    • An item description (hat, umbrella, USB flash drive, glasses, etc.)
    • Your name
    • Location (Near printers, on computer 15, on instructor's desk, etc.)

How should I answer a telephone call?

  • ''Social Sciences Computing Lab, *YOUR NAME* speaking, how can I help you?
  • Screen the phone call: Ask for the name of the caller and the reason of their call
  • Put caller on HOLD (press hold button, put down receiver, tell Nick there is a call for him)
  • If Nick is not available to take the call make sure to take a message and write it down. Sign your name
  • Tape the note on Nick's door.

What if I have to leave the office but I'm the only one there?

  • Push the handle to check if the door is locked or not.
  • IF THE OFFICE DOOR IS NOT LOCKED, close it before you leave.
  • If the door is locked, DO NOT LOCK YOURSELF OUT.
  • If you ever happen to lock yourself out of the office, call security from the wall phone in the library (near the elevators).

How do I login to a computer in the office?

  • Username: SOCSCILAB74\labuser, press enter

What is Snail Mail? How do I check Snail Mail?

  • Snail mail refers to physical mail that is kept at the mailroom for Hunter.
  • It is located in the North building past the skybridge and lockers but before the elevators on your left.
  • Please remember to obtain materials from purple pouch and RETURN the pouch to the mail room.
  • Make sure all mail is for SSCL before handing it to Nick.


I am opening, what do I do?

  • Turn on all computers, including the instructor computer and lab monitor computer. Press enter on every computer to log in.
  • Sweep the floor using the push broom (Every time.)
  • Clean the tabletops
  • Do a printer test
  • Organize chairs

I am closing, what do I do?

  • Turn off all computers using Vision Client
  • Sweep the floor using the push broom (Every time)
  • Clean the whiteboard with whiteboard cleaner
  • Push in all chairs
  • Clean off tabletops
  • Put trashcan outside

How do I use Vision Client?

  • Go to instructor computer on the podium, open Vision (found on the desktop)
  • To turn off all computers/restart: (1) highlight 3 to 4 computers at a time, (2) right click, (3) go to 'extended', (4) click 'shutdown', (5) select restart or shutdown

What is transition time?

  • Transition time is the period between classes and between class and walk-in hours. During this time period you should fulfill the following duties:
  • Turn over the paper in the glass holder on the lab door labelled "Class in Session" and "Walk-in Hours" to the appropriate side
  • Wipe down the desks, chairs, and whiteboard
  • Restart the computers, including the instructor computer
  • Check to make sure the printers are working and are loaded with paper
  • Align chairs (3 chairs/2 computers, 2 chairs/1 computer)
  • Make sure incoming students do not have food/beverages
  • Make sure students in the room belong to the current class
  • Remove students who do not belong in the lab

How do I know if it is walk-in hours or class time?

  • Look at the current semester schedules that are hanging on the door of the office or next to the exit.
  • This is also used to know when transitions are.

I'm monitoring the lab, what if I have to leave?

  • If you need a break or if you have finished your shift, find another lab assistant to sit in the lab monitor's seat.

How long should I stay to monitor the class during transition time?

  • Whatever comes LAST: the official start of class time or the arrival of the professor (NOT THE TA)

What should I do during walk-in hours?

  • Monitor the lab (at least one work study student should be sitting in the lab at all times)
  • Remind students when walk-in hours are ending and to save their work
  • Make sure no students have food/beverages

Where can I find walk-in hours, tutoring hours, and business hours?

  • If people want to know when any of these hours are, direct them to the homepage of the lab at
  • From there, click on the appropriate link.


For a more detailed list of responsibilities and lab procedures:

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