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What You Should Know as a Lab Assistant in the Social Sciences Computing Lab:

What does SSCL stand for?

o    Social Sciences Computing Lab

How should you answer a telephone call?

o    Social Sciences Computing Lab, *YOUR NAME* speaking, how can I help you?

o  Screen Phonecall: Ask name of Company/Affiliation

 -   If Nick is not available to speak, offer to take a message

How do you put a call on hold?

o    Pick up call, press hold button, put down receiver, tell Nick there is a call for him

What does IBM SPSS stand for?

o    IBM (company name that makes the program SPSS), SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

What are Stata and SPSS?

o    Both are statistical programs to evaluate research

Where else can Stata and SPSS be found besides our lab?

o    The ICIT Lab on the 10th floor of Hunter North (Stata and SPSS)

o    All computers at Hunter, including the ones on B1 ( SPSS)

What is transition time?

o    This is the time period where lab assistants should fulfill the following duties:

Turn over the paper in the glass holder on the lab door labelled "Class in Session" and "Walk-in Hours" to the appropriate side

Wipe down the desks, chairs, and whiteboard

Restart the computers, including the instructor computer

Check to make sure the printers are working

Align chairs (usually 3 per table)

Make sure incoming students do not have food/beverages

Make sure students in the room belong to the current class

Remove students who do not belong in the lab

How long should I stay to monitor the class during transition time?

o    Whatever comes LAST: the official start of class time or the arrival of the professor (NOT THE TA)

What should I do during walk-in hours?

o    Monitor the lab (at least one work study student should be sitting in the lab at all times)

o    Remind students when walk-in hours are ending and to save their work

o    Make sure no students have food/beverages

Who can have food/beverages in the lab?

o    No one should have food, only instructors can have beverages

How do I stamp in/out?

o    Align timesheet with red arrow and insert fully until time and date is printed

What should I do when I cannot make it in for a shift?

o    Send an e-mail to or make a phone call to the lab 212-772-5605

o    Most requests for time off must be done 24 hours in advance at the minimum. Emergencies are the exception, and documentation may be asked for.

How do I check my schedule?

o    Go to the lab homepage and click Employment/Staff or go to

Click on this week to see schedule for this week and next week to look at schedule for next week to find any conflicts or issues with your scheduled hours.

How do I access nextgen, enter hours worked?

o    Go to the Employment/Staff page from the homepage and click the 'Access Next Gen' link to go to

Click my timesheets, login with username and password, go to appropriate time sheet, and enter hours.

o    Pay periods are every two weeks and are listed on the Federal Work Study Payment Schedule in the office. You must submit your timesheets before the 'time sheet due date'.

What if I mess up my timesheet?

o    Email

Where can I find walk-in hours, tutoring hours, and business hours?

o    If people want to know when any of these hours are, direct them to the homepage of the lab at . From there, click on the appropriate link.

How do I know if it is walk-in hours or class time?

o    Look at the current semester schedules that are hanging on the door of the office or next to the exit. This is also used to know when transitions are.

What is Snail Mail? How do I check Snail Mail?

o    Snail mail refers to physical mail that is kept at the mailroom for Hunter. It is located in the Hunter East building at HE1601 and is located after the skybridge and lockers and before the elevators on your right.

- Please remember to obtain materials from purple pouch and RETURN the pouch to the mail room. Make sure all mail is for SSCL before handing it to Nick.

I am opening, what do I do?

o    Turn on all computers, including the instructor computer and lab monitor computer. Press enter on every computer to log in.

o    Sweep the floor using the push broom (Every time.)

o    Clean the tabletops

o    Do a printer test

o    Organize chairs

I am closing, what do I do?

o    Turn of all computers using Vision Client

o    Sweep the floor using the push broom (Every time.)

o    Clean the whiteboard with whiteboard cleaner

o    Push in all chairs

o    Clean off tabletops

o    Put trashcan outside

How do I use Vision Client?

o    Go to instructor computer, open Vision on desktop

To turn off all computers/restart highlight all computers, right click, go to 'extended', click 'shutdown', then select restart or shutdown

Where is the lost and found?

o    In the 2nd drawer of the file cabinet next to the printer in the office. If you find something in the lab, document the time and class in which you found the object.

What if I have to leave the office but I'm the only one there?

o   Close the office door before you leave, unless you are told that it has been locked.

I'm monitoring the lab, what if I have to leave?

o   Find another lab assistant to sit in the lab monitor's seat, even if you are leaving simply to use the restroom.

How do I login to a computer in the office?

o    Username: SOCSCILAB74\labuser, press enter


For a more detailed list of responsibilities and lab procedures:

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